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Kompass is an accelerator program powered by the creators of Ninety Eight to support and foster the growth of Web3 businesses in their early stages. As a center of gravity, Kompass consolidates resources for builders, ranging from idea refinement to growth acceleration, ensuring comprehensive support at every juncture of their journey.

Introducing Kompass

We are thrilled to unveil Kompass today, a highly selective, bespoke accelerator program for the trailblazing Web3 founders, powered by Ninety Eight.
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Published Mar 05 2024
Updated Mar 05 2024
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We are thrilled to unveil Kompass today, a highly selective, bespoke accelerator program for the trailblazing Web3 founders, powered by Ninety Eight. With its inaugural flight set in the dynamic heart of Asia, Kompass is poised to empower Vietnamese and Asian innovators with the tools and mentorship needed to navigate the new digital frontier.

Ninety Eight stands at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, steadfast in our commitment to making Web3 accessible for everyone. We are proud to build products and infrastructures that onboard millions of users into the Web3 economy. But there is more to be done. The path to widespread adoption is through a thriving ecosystem of startups, and that's where we all come in – it must be a community effort.

Building a company in this space is tough. It demands resources, knowledge, and dedication. We have been there, and since 2021, we have leveraged our hard-earned expertise to help and support over 10 extraordinary founding teams from an idea to scale, such as League of Kingdoms, Ancient8, Aura Network, Navi Protocol, and others.

From these collaborations, our wisdom has crystallized into Kompass—our way of doubling down on support for Web3 builders, with a bold and different approach:

No fixed cohorts: We review applications on a rolling basis because innovation in this industry does not wait for a calendar. The program is tailored specifically to meet the visions and needs of each founding team.
StyleRemove Founder-Friendly Terms: We offer $125K in early-stage investment with no valuation cap and an MFN clause, paired with a 5% advisory fee.
Low-touch, High-impact advice: The program has no mandatory classes. We have been in your shoes and know the value of actionable advice. Our seasoned builders are here to offer strategic insights based on experience, empowering you to focus on what truly matters—building.

Kompass is engineered for one goal: to give founders the right kind of support – access to a network that matters, capital that helps you grow, and resources that make a difference, right from the start, for long-term success. With Kompass, we expect to see a surge in successful startups that share the same ethos of making Web3 accessible for everyone.

If you are building the next big thing in infrastructure, tools, or applications for blockchain and crypto space, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work with you. 

We anticipate the opportunity to explore your applications. Apply here!

Learn more at or reach out to us at

Kompass: We are builders backing builders!